1994.01.26 20:16 "TIFF conversion", by markandeswara


I am from Villanova University,PA. We have images in .ras format on a Sun IPX machine. I used pbmplus(rasttopnm | pnmtotiff) to get the images into tiff format. I transfered the tiff file onto an Apple Macintosh machine using kermit program. I used Expert Colour Paint software(designed for tiff and pict files) to view the images on mac machine,but in vain. I understand that I must use "mcvert" program to get the tiff files in the proper form. We don't have mcvert in our system. Can you please suggest any other method of doing this? The basic idea is to view the images on mac machines. We don't have any problems in viewing them on an IBM PC.(rasttopnm| ppmtopcx). I am working for a professor who is doing this as a project.

I thank you very much for the time and consideration.

Mark.S Irvin