2008.03.12 07:07 "[Tiff] encapsulate jpeg to TIFF without de-compressing and re-compressing", by Zhang Weiwu

2008.03.18 01:29 "Re: [Tiff] encapsulate jpeg to TIFF without de-compressing andre-compressing", by Zhang Weiwu

Gerben Vos 写道:

Hi. I had been looking for an way to// //encapsulate an existing jpeg file to TIFF format, without de-compress it first and re-compress it again.

Yes, you can do this. Basically, you just set the ImageWidth and ImageHeight tags to the size of the JPEG, and write the JPEG data in a single strip with TIFFWriteRawstrip(). Also set the other necessary TIFF tags, of course.

Thanks for the comment. Is there userland tools available for this, or do I have to write code? I haven't write any C code for very long time since I left school.