2002.06.25 15:18 "Batch Printing programs.", by Kevin Paulson

2002.06.25 15:37 "Re: Batch Printing programs.", by Chris 'Xenon' Hanson

I am looking for any Batch printing programs for Tiff printing. I have tremendous needs to print out 1,000,000 pages burned onto CD roms in Group IV tiff.. I am looking for simple programs that will allow us to Drag and drop batches of 500 or so images. So that large groups will always be printing to an imagerunner 105 printer produced by Cannon.

Or a programmer who can create a program to do this for us at a reasonable cost.

Hate to be obvious, but on a modern unix system with the printer properly installed, this could probably be done with one commandline.

More info about the target system might help you find an easy solution.

Chris - Xenon

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