2002.07.03 13:26 "Photometric interpretation for grey-scale JPEG", by Jon Saxton

2002.07.04 17:40 "Re: Photometric interpretation for grey-scale JPEG", by Tom Lane

Now, I have a follow-on question. How is it that PhotometricInterpretation has nothing to do with the colour space of the stored data?

How do you arrive at that conclusion? PI is supposed to be exactly the colourspace of the stored data.

> PhotometricInterpretation and related fields shall
> describe the color space actually stored in the file.

What part of the last sentence don't I understand?

AFAICT you understand it perfectly; but whoever made those TIFF files you are looking at did not understand it.

Actually, wait a minute. Are those files PlanarConfiguration 2? If so, it'd be legitimate (in fact necessary) for the individual color planes to be represented as grayscale JPEGs, while PI will denote the overall colorspace interpretation to be given to the reassembled data. But as long as PlanarConfiguration=1, PI should match the stored colorspace in the JPEG images.

regards, tom lane