2003.01.29 12:53 "tiffcp problems", by Ray Pixley

2003.02.07 03:55 "Re: tiffset.exe instructions (was Re: tiffcp problems)", by Peter Montgomery


But some that were OK are becoming white letters on a black background in MS Imaging, yet still display OK in MS Photo >Editor. What happens when they are "saved as" by either application is a whole 'nother story! I'm no quite sure yet why this behavior is occurring, but as I get more clues and hints from this list, I'm sure it'll be figured it out.

What are you using tiffcp to do? Are you performing some additional conversions such as compression type? My app is pretty simple in that it just searches for the appropriate tag, checks the value, and then converts it if it isn't what was passed on the commandline. It's super quick because I don't re-write the file, I just tweak the value of the tag in place so I only have to write a few bytes. I am curious if all your files are the same endian. If not, can you tell if the files that work are one endian versus the weird files being a different endian? I'm just trying to think of what might be causing the problem on my end.

BTW, if you simply need to change the photometric interpretation, then you don't need tiffcp. If you're concerned about my program screwing up, you can always copy the files and then tweak the copies. Once you have verified they are good, then just delete the originals. It'll save a ton of time since you don't have to decode and re-encode the files.


PS - Have you tried taking a problem file and just running it only through my tweaker program? You should then perform the same experiment and just use tiffcp. See if you can isolate the odd behavior to either of the two apps separately.