2001.02.27 19:56 "LOGL and LOGLUV Photometric?", by Michael O'Rourke

2001.02.28 16:08 "RE: LOGL and LOGLUV Photometric?", by NGUYEN-TRONG Anh-Tu

I see the following in tiff.h:

#define     PHOTOMETRIC_LOGL            32844   /* CIE Log2(L) */
#define     PHOTOMETRIC_LOGLUV 32845   /* CIE Log2(L) (u',v') */

I also see that there are TestImages of these off the libtiff web site.

However, I can't find any definition of these in the TIFF 6.0 or TIFF 7.0 specs. What is the definition of the data and how would I convert to RGB?

I think that you can find information about LogLuv encoding at Gregory Ward Larson's web site: http://positron.cs.berkeley.edu/~gwlarson