1994.10.21 15:50 "Problems catching write errors in tiff library (v3.3beta021)", by Ben Griffin

1994.10.21 19:16 "Re: Problems catching write errors in tiff library (v3.3beta021)", by Sam Leffler

On another subject, there was some talk earlier about rewriting the tiff library in C++. Any progress on this? Want any help?

This is a REALLY bad idea in my opinion. It works fine now in C. What is wrong now that a C++ library will fix?

Rewriting the inner workings of the library to use C++ would be a big win for folks that want to use alternate memory management techniques, reuse the existing encoders+decoders, and help in isolating system-specific parts of the library. That said, it won't happen anytime soon (by me at least).

BTW, if there is a C++ version it will continue to support the existing C API and not require any C++-specific runtime support--so folks would/should never even know how it's implemented.