2007.06.29 18:41 "[Tiff] Obsolete libtiff.org Web Site", by Kevin Myers

2007.06.29 20:24 "Re: [Tiff] Obsolete libtiff.org Web Site", by Edward Lam

Perhaps it might help though if the http://remotesensing.org/libtiff homepage has the word "Official" in the title? And/or add some link there explaining all this.

There are many copies of the libtiff web site. If the word "Official" was added, then all of these many copies would also become "Official". :-)

Every release of libtiff contains a copy of the web site.

Does it need to though? Perhaps a script could be written to add the word "Official" when publishing to the web server from the libtiff repo. In anycase, I don't have a strong opinion about this, just trying to toss in some ideas on how we might be able to alleviate this confusion (which I myself fell into when I first started poking around libtiff).