2007.05.19 18:27 "[Tiff] TIFF Perl handling", by Julie May

2007.05.23 05:03 "Re: [Tiff] TIFF Perl handling", by Julie May

Thank you Ross.

After having a look around at a few different options I did go for ExifTool. perlmagick was a bit more than I needed but now it looks like we may have to greyscale a few images as they come in so I greatly appreciate the referral to it.

On 20-May-07, at 2:42 PM, Ross Presser wrote:

> a. Why not just shell to tiffinfo?
> b. If you really want to do the work in perl and not just shell to

> tiffinfo, you might be satisifed with perlmagick. It's not tiff- > specific but it can certainly identify the image size.

> On 5/19/07, Julie May <jam.may@gmail.com> wrote:

  Kiriakos Georgiou created a perl module that works with libtiff,

Anyone have a copy or an update? Doing some XSL that we're looking at pre-processing the tags with Perl.

If anyone has a copy I'd really appreciate it. All we need to get out of the TIFFs is width and height in any measure (px, pt, whatever, we control the render so we can control px to inches)