2006.04.28 07:35 "[Tiff] tiffset -> tools/.lib question", by Philip Rhoades


I have a lot of tiff files that were generated with incorrect resolution tags (0 instead of 200 dpi) - the end result of this is that they look OK on the screen but don't print properly when using tiff2ps etc. I thought tiffset would fix my problem but when I used version 3.6.1-8 (on RHEL4) it seemed to duplicate header info in the file instead of actually just changing the res bytes (tiffinfo would generate two blocks of info where there was only one before). I contacted Frank who was kind enough to respond and suggest hacking the tiffset code around. I was prepared to give it a go but after I downloaded the cvs stuff (v3.8.2) and to my pleasant surprise, the new tiffset worked!

All that stuff was just intro so I could ask a question - what is the purpose of the wrapper scripts and the ".libs" dir? From reading the tiffset script (I can't work out the Makefile) it seems that doing a "make install" must do some libtool install things before actually installing the tool binaries in /usr/local/bin?

Thanks (and thanks for the tools!),

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