2007.04.27 12:27 "[Tiff] libtiff in VBScripts", by B1FF NEWBIE

2007.04.27 17:51 "[Tiff] libtiff doesn't Work witth VBScripts - any other ideas?", by B1FF NEWBIE

Well, VBScript and libtiff won't work togehter.

Has anybody an idea how to count the pages within a multipage TIFF?

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I'm interessted in useing libtiff in my VBScripts but I have no idea how I include libtiff.dll functions.

I've installed the win32 port but I can't find examples.

normally I do it like this:

Set FSO = CreateObject("Wscript.FileSystemObject")

But I have no idea what name I have to use to to create an object from libtiff.

any ideas?

thanks and regards, Norman


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