2006.04.01 04:44 "[Tiff] WORDS_BIGENDIAN makes libtiff platform dependent (3.8.2) and you have to undefine it on MacTel", by ping shu

2006.04.12 19:07 "Re: [Tiff] tiff photoshop tag - clip path", by Izidor Jerebic

On 12.4.2006, at 19:16, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

Now, there was somebody which directed the interested persons to

>> Adobe PhotoShop SDK, but this SDK is not freely available any

>> more (you need to send a request, and they don't really respond >> fast, if at all)...

I submitted a request via the web site and said that I wanted to use the SDK in order to assure that my open source software worked with Adobe software, and had no problem with obtaining approval.

Yes, I was being a bit impatient, since now I have also received email from Adobe with approval...


There is no file "Photoshop File Formats.pdf" anywhere to be found. I have downloaded CS Mac, CS2 Mac and CS2 for Windows, and this file is just not there (and nothing similar neither).

Luckily, I have searched the web before this and there is a very very nice person somewhere that has put the "File Formats Specification for PS6" online and has made me very happy. This clipping path stuff probably didn't change much, if at all. Thank you, whoever you are...

But I am curious - am I just blind or has this file just vanished? There is a note in version history in this file that it was "extracted from SDK documentation for standalone document" in year 1997. Where has it gone? I couldn't find it using the Adobe web-search.


Izidor Jerebic