2006.03.18 15:59 "[Tiff] old jpeg support", by Mikhail Kruk

2006.03.26 03:25 "Re: [Tiff] 3.8.1 and JPEG problem", by Joris Van Damme


I propose that in the future we keep conversations about stuff that is of public interest, in the mailing list, if that is OK.

I tried CVS diff with the snapshot I got on 20th and see no difference. Did you check them in recently?

I haven't got a clue what may be happening... This is one of the reasons why we need to keep stuff public, I don't know much about the CVS system and other people may be able to comment...

I've checked in bugfixes during 25th, reading part very early, and writing part later that same day, right before I posted my test request in the mailing list.

The files that are updated include tif_jpeg.c, but also tif_strip, tifio.h, tif_getimage.c, and some others (there were several bugs working together to make life difficult).

The snapshot I have doesn't read or write JPEG TIFFs (output is all black)... I'm testing using tiffcp, is it possible that the problem is with it, not the lib? Reading JPG works fine with my own program I build against 3.8.0. Do you want me to try linking my app with the CVS snapshot?

If you see no diff, then that's pretty useless. We need to find out why you're not seeing what I comitted, first.

I also tried tiffcp from 3.8.0 and it doesn't work.

I guess the next logical step is to assume that tiffcp is broken and test with my app, but I want to make sure that I'm looking at the right CVS since you sound like you've made some changes and I don't see them.

I've not tested tiffcp, but the results you were getting make perfect sense with the bugs I've corrected in several other files, so I would assume there's nothing wrong with tiffcp as such. It may *seem* that way though... There are several ways to access JPEG compression in TIFF, and only the recommendable way, without use of the pseudotag JPEGCOLORMODE, was broken (as far as I know). So, one app may have been suffering, while another may have been behaving perfectly OK.

When I update CVS, I see what I have comitted. Frank was waiting for the bugfixes, so I assume he too, will soon update CVS and check out my fixes. Since I know very little about CVS systems beyond there basic use, all I can suggest at this stage is

- check the changelog file in the root level. The top few entries should read the following:

2006-03-25  Joris Van Damme  <joris.at.lebbeke@skynet.be>

2006-03-25  Joris Van Damme  <joris.at.lebbeke@skynet.be>

 * contrib/addtiffo/tif_ovrcache.c: bugfix to correctly pass size
 of last truncated strip data to TIFFWriteEncodedStrip

2006-03-25  Joris Van Damme  <joris.at.lebbeke@skynet.be>

 * libtiff/{tif_jpeg.c, tif_strip.c}: bugfix of tif_jpeg decode raw

2006-03-25  Joris Van Damme  <joris.at.lebbeke@skynet.be>

 prepare the path for new tif_ojpeg.c

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