2005.01.14 18:51 "[Tiff] Version number", by Jean-Pierre Radley

2005.01.14 19:02 "Re: [Tiff] Version number", by Bob Friesenhahn

There are two sets of version information for libtiff. The public release numbers (like 3.7.1) and the internal libtool/so release numbers derived by a different mechanism which now appears to be set at 10.7.1.

If you read up on libtool you can find some info, but basically accept that the internal numbers are not very directly meaningful.

I will expound on that. The numbers computed by libtool are useful for the operating system (ELF standard), and, provided that libtool guidelines are followed, ensures that applications will only use a binary compatible library. Basing shared library numbers on release versions is a sure-fire way to cause problems due to upgrades. That is one reason that legacy libtiff has been so difficult to deal with.


Bob Friesenhahn