2005.08.20 11:12 "[Tiff] libtiff question", by Moseley, Ben

2005.09.08 16:12 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff question", by Frank Warmerdam

On 8/20/05, Moseley, Ben <Ben.Moseley@ace-ina.com> wrote:

Hi there

I'm working on my company's internal imaging solution, and have used libtiff for much of our tif file handling.

I was wondering do you have any code for converting file format from tiff to gif?

any help would be greatly appreciated


I see that the TIFF tools directory has a gif2tiff, but no corresponding tiff2gif. If you want to avoid LZW compression in the output gif file you could use libungif for writing the gif image:


I see the libungif project also now has giflib available, the version that does do LZW compression.

If you just want a utility that does the operation, then lots exist. I imagine the imagemagick "convert" command would do the trick. My GDAL library and utilities also handles this but is likely more baggage than you would want.

Good luck,

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