2005.09.16 03:25 "[Tiff] What do you call...", by Katrina Maramba

2005.09.16 18:14 "Re: [Tiff] What do you call...", by Frank Warmerdam

On 9/16/05, Antoine <melser.anton@gmail.com> wrote:

Sorry, but that's just what you get if you ignore the spec on an extremely basic pillar property of the file format you wish to support.

Full respect to all the guys the contribute to libtiff in some way but... puritanism has always been a negative in OSS!


To be fair, Joris is an evil proprietary software zealot, looking to build a software empire on the basis of his in depth knowledge for TIFF format. He isn't technically a libtiff developer, nor for the most part even a C/C++ developer. (Delphi!)

Of course, he is very helpful on the mailing list and provides a number of very useful services to the TIFF community.

Perhaps it would be more fair to say that puritanism has always been a negative of puritans.

As a free software zealot, I don't mind if some sub-standards want to put such restrictions on the TIFF format. Of course that doesn't mean I will knock myself out trying to support it without client funding.

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