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i got back some scaned tiff's from a photo lab. openning with xv or gimp

just got a warning message: unkown field of tag 34665(0x8769). i want to know

Nothing wrong with the file, tag 0x8769 is an Exif IFD: http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/search.html?q=0x8769&Submit =Find+Tags

I'm a bit surprised that xv or gimp complain of an Exif IFD as an "unknown field," it's not at all uncommon for a TIFF to have an Exif IFD. As to a workaround....hmmm...I guess you'd need to fix xv or gimp to recognize and properly decode Exif IFDs or at least not put out an unnecessary warning message just because one is present.

below is the output of tiffinfo on a tiff file in question,


for the tiffinfo output, i still has two questions desiring kind help from you.

1. what means "ICC Profile: <present>"? and what is ICC?

Color management information. More info at: http://www.color.org/

2. i noticed this file is uncompressed. so what's the benefit the lab save
tiff rather than a bmp? result in

The TIFF format allows much more information about the image and related data, to be stored in the file. Things such as author, how and when the image was created or captured, copyright, and much more can easily be added to a TIFF file.