2005.01.27 15:26 "[Tiff] TIFFSetField bug?", by Antoine

2005.01.27 15:26 "[Tiff] TIFFSetField bug?", by Antoine


In the windows 3.6.1 source code release, TIFFSetField will not set RowsPerStrip properly. The field is either not converted from its original status as a short (i.e., when it gets read in, even if it is read into a uint32, and TIFFSetField is passed this variable, it doesn't change the value to a long), or gets set to some ridiculous figure. I know that this it is possible to set it correctly because the tifftag.exe that can be found at http://www.piorek.net/pub/WINDOWS_TOOLS/tifftag.exe is able to change the datatype, and when it does does not bork the value.

Calling from tiffset and from my own code is the same. And further modification to the value after it has been changed to a long is impossible (so two calls does nothing).


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