2005.01.13 13:14 "[Tiff] TIFF - Unknown field with tag 34665", by Claude Houle

2005.01.13 16:48 "Re: TIFF - Unknown field with tag 34665 ( Part 3 )", by Bob Friesenhahn

My first problem was due to CMYK Colorspace Problem and was easily fixed thanks to the clear insights of Mr. Jorris. Yet I have another problem which I cannot seem to find what it is. And perhaps you will be able to see the problem when you see the pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures are pretty big, and there is a 40K Limit to the mailing list ( Believe I tried... ).

I uploaded a ZIP File to my personnal home page ( http://www.darkwanderer.org/files/Sample2.zip ) which contain all the evidences gathered so far.

The zip file contain:

  1. - The Original Adobe TIFF Image
  2. - A Screenshot from IMDisplay in action for the TIFF File. ( You will see the picture degradation )
  3. - A Screenshot from GIMP ( What the picture should look like in IMDisplay )

ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick have a bug. No doubt about it. Your image uses 7 samples per pixel and IM/GM are mis-handling the extra samples.

Maybe you can use tiffcp to produce a TIFF containing just 4 samples per pixel so that ImageMagick loads it more correctly.


Bob Friesenhahn