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2016.09.16 16:21 "Re: [Tiff] remotesensing.org URLs (http and ftp)", by Bob Friesenhahn

I’ve also been in touch with a non-subscriber of this list, who owns the domain libtiff.info, and may be willing to donate it to a selected party, providing steps are taken to ensure the domain’s continuity.

May I inquire who is currently the official keeper of:

(a) the TIFF specification, and

Adobe is the keeper of the TIFF specification, but have not been doing their job appropriately.

(b) the libtiff library

The keepers of the libtiff library are a few of us with CVS commit privileges. A few of us are able to create releases and post them to the ftp site.

While the copyright mentions SGI, SGI has not been involved since 1997.

and, are we looking for a home for the spec/format, or the library, or both?

Only the library is concerned. Associated with the library we need source control, static web site, bug tracker, and ftp site. We may also want file distribution via https URLs.

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