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I¹ve got

  http://tiff.photo  and  http://bigtiff.photo

pointed to repositories on Github. Not very exciting yetŠ but more content can easily be added.

They are part of an ³Organization², BigTIFF, that I¹ve created (as mentioned earlier, ³TIFF² is taken, as is ³libTIFF"). It¹s possible to add others with similar or identical capabilities to the Organization account.

If any one of the current TIFF administrators has or gets a Github account, I can add them in to test this.

Also, should tiff.info or libtiff.info, or anything else, free up in future, this can all be moved or adjusted at will.

Next step: acceleration through CloudFlare.

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Unfortunately, someone has a Github project at github.com/libtiff. Not even doing anything with it; a squatter. And github.com/tiff is a user.

I've written it before but reading what is here: https://help.github.com/articles/name-squatting-policy/

I believe we might have a decent bid at getting the libtiff name assigned to libtiff. I think github is as good a choice as any. Probably better than most as its sheer size means there are a lot of tools built around it.

So, can we agree on it and move to the next step? Or put up a few other options and have a vote?

I don't know if I have a vote, but it would be Yes.