2005.01.13 13:14 "[Tiff] TIFF - Unknown field with tag 34665", by Claude Houle

2005.01.13 15:46 "Re: [Tiff] TIFF - Unknown field with tag 34665", by Bob Friesenhahn

See, it's a CMYK file. My guess is that some of your software can't handle CMYK. Anyway, I could not comment on that, it's an application issue, not a LibTiff issue, I think.

What could also be related, judging from the screenshots, is that Photoshop writes CMYK as 255 is no ink, and some others write CMYK as 255 is full ink. Or so I seem to remember, but I could be mistaking. If this is your problem, I don't think there's any good solution.

Adobe CMYK does differ from the rest of the world.

It would be interesting to see if using ImageMagick's -negate option causes the image to appear ok. This might work if it doesn't try to convert the image to RGB before applying the operation.

There is the possibility of using a CMS ICC color profile to adjust the CMYK representation.

Perhaps you can avoid using CMYK alltogether?

Generally a good plan unless the process requires CMYK.


Bob Friesenhahn