2006.04.07 07:34 "[Tiff] LibTiff Suggestion, Need help to support application supplied JPEGTables.", by Kelvin Zhong

2006.04.07 10:05 "Re: [Tiff] LibTiff Suggestion, Need help to support application supplied JPEGTable s.", by Kelvin Zhong

Joris Wrote:

The only other sensible options the writing end of tif_jpeg.c could

>provide, is.

  1. using per-image application supplied JPEG tables, writing these to the JPEG tables tag.

Can you confirm option d) is what you're after?

Yes, that's what i want.

Also, can you please tell me why you think it is useful? I've missed the part where you explain why your custom supplied tables are a significant improvement over the default tables in your particular application.

for example, in some specific area, like medic(medical) image processing. we need to compress image use specific quantazation tables in order to get a balance of image quality and image size.

and then in the same time we didn't want to replace the original jpegtables calculated by IJG using jpeg_set_linear_quality function. because it's very good in gerneral image processing. and we need use it when we processing common images.

Best regards.