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2007.04.27 19:19 "RE: [Tiff] libtiff doesn't Work witth VBScripts - any other ideas ?", by Adam Donald

If you have the tiffinfo binary from the libtiff library, you could parse its stdout when running it against each tiff and count the occurrences of "TIFF Directory at offset" - just a guess.

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Well, VBScript and libtiff won't work togehter.

Has anybody an idea how to count the pages within a multipage TIFF?

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I'm interessted in useing libtiff in my VBScripts but I have no idea how I include libtiff.dll functions.

I've installed the win32 port but I can't find examples.

normally I do it like this:

Set FSO = CreateObject("Wscript.FileSystemObject")

But I have no idea what name I have to use to to create an object from libtiff.

any ideas?

thanks and regards, Norman


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