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2006.07.10 12:35 "Re: [Tiff] How modify", by Joris Van Damme

Robert Zhang wrote:

I have a large number of TIF images where XResolution are  204 and YResolution are 98.  Image Height = 1136 and Image Width =  1728.  Now ,How modify tiff  to  the resolution to 204x196 and  height is 2272 and width  is 1728 ???.

This is beyond the functionality of LibTiff. LibTiff is a codec, which means it is able to both decode and encode an TIFF file. That does not include resizing capabilities. So use LibTiff to decode the file to a raster or scanline stream or whatever, add resizing from your own hand or from another library, and use LibTiff again to encode the results to a new TIFF file.

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