2006.04.22 03:37 "[Tiff] Microsoft Document Imaging status / snapshot", by Brad Hards

2006.04.24 11:39 "RE: [SPAM HEADER] - [Tiff] Microsoft Document Imaging status / snapshot - Email found in subject", by Gerben Vos

0xef  0x82  0xa7  = some kind of bullet point symbol
0xef  0x82  0xb7  = some kind of bullet point symbol (different to a7)
0xe2  0x80  0x93  = em-dash
0xe2  0x80  0x9c  = `` (smart doublequotes, left side of  quoted material)
0xe2  0x80  0x9d  = '' (smart doublequotes, right side of  quoted material)
0xe2  0x80  0x99  = ' (apostrophe of some kind)
0xe2  0x80  0xa6
0xe2  0x80  0x94 = short dash?
0xc3  0xa9 = e with grave. (00a9 is the unicode equivalent, perhaps

this will form some pattern)

These are clearly UTF-8 encoded Unicode characters:

U+F0A7 = (user-defined)
U+F0B7 = (user-defined)
U+2013 = en-dash (shorter than em-dash!)
U+201C = left double quote
U+201D = right double quote
U+2019 = right single quote
U+2026 = ellipsis (three dots)
U+2014 = em-dash (longer than en-dash!)
U+00A9 = e-grave

Some of the ones you list (e.g., the first two bullets) are in the "implementation defined" Unicode area, but lists with the Microsoft assignments in there are easy to find on the Internet.

By the way, thanks for posting this; I was intending to try to figure this out, but had to postpone it.