2006.07.05 14:38 "[Tiff] CMYK Tiff", by Ivan Kopcanski

2006.07.07 07:06 "Re: [Tiff] CMYK Tiff", by Ivan Kopcanski

On 7/6/06, Gerben Vos <Gerben@zylab.com> wrote:

I wrote:

However, what you could do for example, is construct the image using GDI+ (or something else), then retrieve the bitmap data (from the documentation it looks like you need to use Bitmap.LockBits for that), convert that from RGB to CMYK and then pass it on to libtiff.

Actually, you don't even have to convert. Just create a BGRA image (that's the actual byte order that Windows bitmaps use), and pretend that BGRA = CMYK. So, tell GDI+ to paint in blue when you actually want to paint in cyan, etcetera. (I may have got the order of the colours wrong, but you'll find it out easily enough).

Thank you, Gerben. You were very helpfull. However, i need to save image as CMYK tif

and GDI+ allows bitmap to be saved as tiff, but when you do it, you get RGB tiff and that

is not what I need. I need CMYK tif. I wont to do this and than change image flags.

But what you proposed could be one of sollutions.

Thnks again, it was very thoughtfully from you.

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