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Very nice, description subject line you choose! Anyone specialized in questions will immediatelly see this is his particular field of expertise and try to answer.

Peter (Zebar) Astakhov wrote:

My organization often get fax in multiplie pages TIFF format. I try use QFaxReader for viewing this faxes. QFaxReader show EMPTY pages.

I wrote to QFaxReader author, and he say: "Sorry, your file seem to be unreadable by libtiff library (QFaxReader uses libtiff)."

In file properties write: "Windows NT Fax Server"

Do you plan add this file format into future releases of your library?

What we need in order to identify the problem, is a tagdump. You can build a tagdump either with a LibTiff tool like tiffdump or tiffinfo, or, if you're using Windows, there is free app, easy to install and use, over here:


Once installed and running, use the 'Browse' button to open your particular file. Next, hit 'Copy tags as text', and next paste into a follow-up question. We will then be able to see what type of file you are refering to, and if the problem is or is not LibTiff, and advize you.

Alternatively, if you're having problems building and posting such a tagdump, and you have a file of under 1 megabyte in size, you may send it to my personal e-mail address (not the list!!), and I'll post a tagdump for you, for all to see and comment on.

Joris Van Damme
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