2005.09.08 19:13 "[Tiff] creating JPEG file", by Philip Watkinson

2005.09.08 20:49 "Re: [Tiff] creating JPEG file", by Joris Van Damme


  1. There can be 1 or more tiles for each image.
  2. For each tile, there are 4 planes. Each plane corresponds to the components in the CYMK colour space.
  3. The data for each plane is JPEG encoded.

Using Libtiff 3.7.1, is it possible to create a single JPEG image file? If so, is there sample code available?

Is decoding and subsequent recoding an option? Or do you seek to do this losslessly?

If the first is the case, then yes, this should be feasable.

If the second is the case, then there is no easy solution. To do it, you'd have to sink down to the lowest level of jpeg compressed data organisation, I think, below even the marker stuff, up to the DCT stuff or something, perhaps. Possible Guido is able to comment on that, since I guess he did stuff on the same level before. (See http://jpegclub.org/.)

BTW, I would very much appreciate receiving such an image. Is it possible to send on to my personal e-mail address?

Joris Van Damme
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