2004.08.11 23:17 "[Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Bob Lakkakula

2004.08.12 14:32 "Re: [Tiff] From bmp to Tiff", by Bob Friesenhahn

I am able to get bmp data and write to tiff as it is.... But is there way I can cut down the size of Tiff size... For example... say input bmp is 2400 x 3300 at 300 dpi and i want 800 x 1100 size tiff out of it...

You would need to provide a resize algorithm since that is not something that libtiff is designed to do. For that you can use ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick since they offer a ResizeImage function (and several others) to resize images.


Bob Friesenhahn