2016.07.05 12:57 "[Tiff] git version control", by

2016.07.05 12:57 "[Tiff] git version control", by


Revisiting this thread from December 2012 http://www.asmail.be/msg0054798531.html

Is migrating from CVS to git still on the cards? I'd be happy to volunteer to repeat the conversion for the current state of the CVS repository--I've done it for several projects and I'd be happy to dust off my skills and do this for libtiff as well.

To echo some of the sentiments in that thread, I think that a modern system like git would make the project much more accessible for others to contribute to. Speaking for myself, previously a heavy CVS user in the late '90s-mid 2000s, I've replaced CVS with git for nearly a decade now, and even I find it a struggle to use after using modern VCSes.