2004.12.01 14:55 "[Tiff] Version 3.7.1 Availability", by Bill Bither

2004.12.01 19:58 "Re: [Tiff] Version 3.7.1 Availability", by Bob Friesenhahn

I agree that the 3.7.0 release does include some significant flaws.

Is 3.7.0 the current recommended version of libtiff, or should I be using 3.6.x?

Of course, 3.7.0 is much better than 3.6.x. You should use 3.7.0.

Except that 3.7.0 has a severe bug with saving Photoshop metadata and there are a few other tag-related bugs.

I recommend using the current CVS version rather than 3.7.0.


Bob Friesenhahn