2004.12.02 18:07 "[Tiff] Having problems adding IPTC to a TIFF", by Roland Rabien

2004.12.07 21:06 "Re: [Tiff] Having problems adding IPTC to a TIFF", by Gary McGath

Well maybe the first thing to do would be to see what Photoshop IS doing. Since Adobe is in charge of the TIFF specs, if they're writing IPTC as a LONG array, then THAT IS the spec, even if it's conceptually incorrect. If they're writing UNDEFINED of whatever, then libtiff should definitely follow.

No!! The behavior of Adobe software is not the TIFF spec. The TIFF 6.0 Specification is the spec. If they violate their own published specifications, that's a bug in their software.

There are in fact known bugs in Adobe software; for instance, under certain circumstances it will write the DateTime tag in the wrong format.That does not take precedence over the published specification, although it creates a body of files which you have to deal with till they fix it.

Gary McGath
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