2001.09.18 03:10 "need help", by Putu Eka Astawa

2001.09.18 16:17 "Re: need help", by Joel Schumacher

where I can find all about TIFF algoritm,

TIFF is basically a wrapper for image data. There are several different types of compressions you can use and put into that wrapper.

For information about file formats of all kinds, go to:


Do a search on TIFF and you'll see some links to places where you can download the TIFF 6 specs and some others.

compression & decompression, coding &encoding techniq in TIFF

I can't help you with much. I only got involved with TIFF in the light of the Group 3 and 4 FAX compression formats. They can be ordered from:


You want the T.4 specification (group 3 fax) or the T.6 specification (group 4 fax). These documents get into the details of the compression.

But Group 3 and 4 fax are only two of several compressions that can be used. JPEG is another. How that relates to your familiar JPG files, I have no idea.

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