2010.04.26 21:48 "[Tiff] [CRITICAL] libtiff 3.9.3 incorrectly writes out TIFFTAG_REFERENCEBLACKWHITE tags", by Edward Lam

2010.04.27 15:14 "Re: [Tiff] [CRITICAL] libtiff 3.9.2 incorrectly writes out TIFFTAG_REFERENCEBLACKWHITE tags", by Bob Friesenhahn

Please file a bug report on Bugzilla so your work does not get lost.

Note that I still cannot access http://www.remotesensing.org. Anyone else having problems?

The site seems to be down.

Ok, after some digging around I seem to find the bug database link at:


The scary thing is that my email address seems to be publicly available to spambots.

It is good that you found the bug tracker. Your email address is surely available to spambots already since you posted to an open mailing list. Even if every formal web-exposed mailing list archive tries to hide the address, something like 30% of the PCs in the world are part of botnets so a private inbox on a compromised system will do just fine as a source of email addresses.

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