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2000.11.15 19:19 "Has something changed with error detection in group4 data?", by Randall Myers
2000.11.16 11:02 "Re: Has something changed with error detection in group4 data?", by Joris Van Damme
2000.11.17 08:10 "RE: Has something changed with error detection in group4 data?", by Randall Myers

2000.11.15 19:19 "Has something changed with error detection in group4 data?", by Randall Myers

Hello TIFF folks,

I have a problem I hope you can help with.

I recently began integrating libtiff 3.5.5 into a product suite that has been around for a several years under Unix and NT. The previous production library was 3.4beta029, and I've used a variety of earlier ones as well. Testing 3.5.5 revealed an apparent tolerance for errors in group4 data that I had not seen before.

I occasionally run across corrupt group4 (single-strip) TIFF images in the input stream, and I have scripted a simple screening procedure that employs a slightly modified tiffinfo utility with the -D switch (to read the data). If tiffinfo has a problem decoding the data, there will be a call to the error/warning reporting function, and a non-zero exit code enables the script to take some action.

But tiffinfo built with the 3.5.5 library doesn't seem to notice all of the errors that are detected when I use an older library. In the worst case, the 3.5.5 library will decode a group4 image with no complaint at all when older libraries will issue errors and warnings and when Wang/Kodak Imaging will flatly refuse to deal with the image.

I have built all of the versions of libtiff I could find at and experimented with each of them. I have to go back to 3.4beta035 to get the behavior I am used to seeing (and, FWIW, 3.5.4, 3.5.3, and 3.5.2 just dump core when I read one of these corrupted images). Beginning with the 3.4beta036 I see fewer errors reported (and occasionally, as mentioned, NO error reporting where other readers do find errors). I have built vanilla libtiff under NT and two different architectures running Unix. I have avoided compiler optimizations. All that seems to matter is the revision of the library.

Documentation for 3.4beta036 says these things which might be relevant:

> a bug was fixed in the G3/G4 decoder for data where lines terminate with a v0 code

> the routines for reading image data now provide more useful information when a read error is encountered

So far I am unable to supply example images that demonstrate the worst case (no errors detected when they clearly exist), because all examples I've found contain readable confidential content. However, I have one partial example for which there is no such issue, and it is published at Group4 decode errors are reported for this image by both older and current libraries, but the errors occur in different places within the data; and the old libraries report many more than the newer libraries.

In the past I have been able to correlate the behavior (with regard to corrupt images) of "tiffinfo -D" and that of the readers which our customers use (Microsoft Imaging). Is this a correlation I should be able to rely upon? I have found other viewers which will display these images, but it's not because they succeed in decoding them correctly where libtiff does not. These images, past a certain point, are just garbage.

I am daunted by the g4 codec and would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions you might offer.

Thank you,

Randy Myers
Data General Imaging Development