1999.11.25 09:46 "how to read and write tiffpages without modifying", by Ruediger

1999.11.25 15:25 "Re: how to read and write tiffpages without modifying", by Klaus Bartz

Hello Ruediger,

I have just started to use the libtiff v3.5.2.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do, to read images from a multipagetiff and write them in a separate file,

Use tiffsplit or if you would know what to do look into tiffsplit.c.

or just tell me where I can get a detailed documentation of the libtiff functions, because the man pages I got with the libtiff are not very extensively.

Look into the HTML pages. For short info into man pages. And for programming into the sources of the utillities ( tiffcp, tiffsplit, ...).

P.S. Special thanks to niclas, I have now ZIP and JPEG support in my libtiff.

Why do you ask then for it in your previous email??


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