2008.10.15 06:51 "[Tiff] manipulating TIFF images", by Rajmohan Banavi

2008.10.15 09:39 "[Tiff] Re: manipulating TIFF images", by Rajmohan Banavi

Just wanted to mention that I have looked at the tools folder which contains some examples on modifying the images like creating thumbnails, etc. But I was referring to something like adding a line or image to the TIFF images. Any examples which depict this sort of functionality?


On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 12:21 PM, Rajmohan Banavi <rajmohanbanavi@gmail.com>wrote:

I have seen many examples in the documentation of using libTIFF to read and write B&W, grey and color images. But have not come across anything on how to manipulate or change the image contents? are there any elsewhere?

Further, how does one go ahead with manipulating the image?