2001.06.18 12:38 "Size limitations.", by Bruno Ledoux

2001.06.19 14:21 "RE: Size limitations.", by Don Swatman

Surely the limit is 2.1 Gb? A direct quote from my battered copy of Inside Mac - Files p16

"Actually, a file on an HFS volume can be as large as 2 GB ($7FFFFFFF bytes). Most volumes are not large enough to hold a file of that size. An HFS volume currently can be as large as 2 GB."

The comment about volume size shows the manuals age! I don't believe this limit changed with HFS+.

Internally Tiff is limited by 32bit offsets in the IFD structure so as it currently stands it is limited to theoretical maximum of 4.3 Gb. I would really like to see a new version of tiff which allows files to be chained, thus breaking the tiff ( and system) limits - we had to do this for our own for archival purposes.

Anyone out there doing new standards listening?


Don Swatman
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