2000.10.26 13:46 "Write tags", by Markus Neifer

2000.10.26 18:50 "Re[2]: Write tags", by Rainer Wiesenfarth

Hello Markus,


Hhm, yes what?

Yes, i have to read all and write then, or

Preferably, yes (see notes below).

Yes, there is sample code?

Maybe, but I doubt it. Most users will not need this feature.

What you might do is the following:

So, I think libtiff will not help you there. I also doubt that you will find a solution that is better than quick-and-dirty, i.e. covers the most general case.

Thus my recommendation: even if the new directory is the same size as the old one (i.e. same number of tags), it is better to copy the whole file.

Best regards

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