2003.01.09 12:38 "does a tiff2XML tool exist?", by Rob van den Tillaart

2003.01.10 11:40 "Re: does a tiff2XML tool exist?", by Rob van den Tillaart


Some extra info on my request for a tiff2XML tool, it's also a reaction on the mails I've got sofar.

Let's call the new format to be generated TIXML.

Most important added value of TIXML is that I can merge additional info in the TIXML file with every image or on file level. Like private tags in TIFF, but now more understandable.

I know that TIXML files are larger than TIFF, I guess header info increases 10-fold. The image could be encoded base 64 so the increase would be approx. 35% of the original size if I keep compression. On average a factor 2? As the compression factor of the scan can between 2 and 10(?) it would still mean less data than an uncompressed TIFF file on average.

At the moment I have no speed requirements. Images must be included although I do not know how raw (stripes etc) I like them. I know this affects the performance a lot. And thinking about it, a TIXML->TIFF is also needed.

For now the bitmaps are 600dpi bitonal A4/A3/letter/legal size, G3/G4 compressed.

So far I have no tools. Looking at the libtiff tools I understand tiffdump is a good starting point to build tiff2tixml.