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2001.10.03 19:05 "OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Scott Marovich
2001.10.05 02:21 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Joris Van Damme
2001.10.05 03:16 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Niles Ritter
2001.10.05 13:00 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Leonard Rosenthol
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2001.12.02 16:28 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Jon Saxton

2001.10.05 03:16 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Niles Ritter

Honestly, I don't think they care. The one thing companies like this care about, is the paper plan of some manager that says 'support for jpeg in tiff'. They've been able to put a 'v' mark on that piece of paper. Job well done. If anyone start nagging, they've got the spec to wave about (though they usually do not care enough to do even that - unless you go nagging for a month first).

I have seen new implementations of the old Bogus OJPEG scheme arise every few years like perennial plagues of locusts, and have lost all hope of purging the world of this scourge....

<joke type="ironic" >

The only chance is to embrace our enlightened American leadership's attempt to find hacking to be an act of terrorism, and given that OJPEG is a hack, would mean its instigators would be subject to having their assets frozen.


Enough to wake up any paper-pushing project manager...