2001.02.13 01:56 "Loading user supplied buffers and determining pages/height/width from a TIFF* pointer ?", by Dr. D. Karron.

What is the best way to take any tiff image and write it into a user supplied buffer? I want to be insulated from compression, multipage, color correction, black and white, gray scale, etc. etc.

I looked at the tiff tools code and it is using lseeks and raw read/write.

I looked at the man page for TIFFRGBAImage{OK|Begin|Get|End}.

What is the TIFFRGBAImage *?
Is that the standard target buffer?
How is it different from the uint32 raster?

What is the best way to recover the n-pages/directories, height/width, image type, pixel size from a tiff image to configure my buffers?

How should I allocate/free a TIFFRGBAImage * type?


Dr. K.

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