1996.12.22 16:33 "Dos Utilities for Batch Tiff Conversion", by Narendra Hiranandani

1996.12.23 03:45 "Re: Your Message / Dos Utilities for Batch Tiff Conversion", by Narendra Hiranandani

I am new to this list so please do not get upset if this query has been answered before.

We require a Dos Util for batch conversion of

  1. TIFF uncompressed to TIFF Lzw
  2. TIFF G4 to TIFF Lzw
  3. TIFF G4 to PCX

If anyone in the mailing list knows of any utility that can perform the above we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Get libtiff from ftp.sgi.com /graphics/tiff/. It includes tools for doing the conversions you want to do with command-line tools, so it should be simple to write a bat file in dos to do it in batch. something like

for %f in (*.tif) do tiffcp -c lzw %f \tmp\%f
move \tmp\*.tif.

would work from the DOS command-line, using the tiffcp program that comes with libtiff.


I am thankful to you for your prompt reply.

I did access the above site (ftp.sgi.com /graphics/tiff/) but all the files are in "Unix tar" compressed format. We do not have access to any Unix machine. We only have access to only DOS/Win95 based 486 PCs. We could not uncompress the above files.

We would be highly grateful if you could help us.