2003.01.15 18:41 "IFD Location", by scott

2003.01.15 18:41 "IFD Location", by scott

<x-flowed>Simple Question: How do I place the IFD at the beginning of the file (after the header)?

I'm building a TIF with LIBTIFF, and it places the directory after the strip. I'd like to place it in the front of the file (behind the header). I'm basically doing this:

TIFOpen ()
TIFCreateDirectory ()
TIFSetField ()
TIFSetField ()
loop - TIFWriteScanLine ()
TIFClose ()

Rearraning the TIFCreateDirectory didn't do it.

I know it doesn't matter, but we are trying to emulate a component from a major vendor, and want to demonstrate that the image files are virtually identical. I don't want to get caught up in an explaination to some illiterate VP

Thanks for any help.