2010.04.29 23:38 "Re: [Tiff] "flexible" mode in TIFFClientOpen ?", by Dmitry Fedorov

2010.04.30 00:37 "Re: [Tiff] "flexible" mode in TIFFClientOpen ?", by Bob Friesenhahn

I work with libbioimage a library used to decode end encode several biological image formats and their metadata. Many of these are some variants of TIFF images, usually not exactly well formed but still we have to decode them. I use libtiff 4 b5 for decoding all of these variants supplying some run-time fixes to libtiff decoding behavior by knowing which format variant it is based on existing tags. I do run into some trouble when libtiff decides the image is invalid it would not decode it. It may happen for some silly reasons that would not

It may be that libtiff 4.0.0 is more picky than libtiff 3.9.2. You should verify if 3.9.2 works and 4.0.0 does not. If 3.9.2 works better, then let us know.

There are cases where that palette is absolutely required in libtiff, but perhaps other cases where it is not.

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