1999.09.14 02:34 "G4 decode on Mac", by Christopher Thomas

1999.09.14 03:00 "Re: G4 decode on Mac", by Eric Shapiro

Would appreciate any help regarding compiling libtiff on Mac. Upon compile looks for "windows.h" header,??

There is a standard Mac header called <Windows.h>. For better cross-platform compatibility, Apple renamed it <MacWindows.h> recently and then had <Windows.h> include the new header for backward compatibility. The problem was that Microsoft also had a <Windows.h> file and many developers (including those working on QuickTime) had both files installed and sometimes they wound up #including the wrong one.

I think that CodeWarrior ships with both, but you should probably remove the older <Windows.h> file and update any source files to use the newer <MacWindows.h>. The same goes for <Memory.h> and <MacMemory.h>.

If you keep Apple's <Windows.h> and have installed both the Mac and Windows compilers, you have to be careful about your #include paths to make sure you get Apple's header and not Microsoft's.

Also, some of the PC-specific TIFF source files might include <Windows.h>, but generally you won't use those files when building Mac applications.

(Does this answer your question? I don't know anything about the fax compression, so someone else will have to answer that).


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