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2001.10.03 19:05 "OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Scott Marovich
2001.10.05 18:50 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Tore Bostrup
2001.10.05 18:54 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Joris Van Damme

2001.10.05 18:54 "Re: OJPEG & Wang Images (long)", by Joris Van Damme

That's a religious discussion. The fact of the matter is that it is out there, however unfortunate and/or non-standard that may be.

I partially agree. Discussions about specs always tend to ressemble 'religious discussions'.

I'm not in complete disagreement, I just wanted to point out that releasing a new standard (in this case TIFF 7.0) doesn't really solve the problem that the format is in use and "pretends" to be standard - at least not in the foreseeable future.

Agreed. The single point where I dissagree with you is that, in my opinion, there is not solution except letting TIFF 6.0 jpeg compression die pretty much the same way the complete file format is dieing at the moment. Despite of all the wonderfull efforts, experience shows that a truelly good and fail-proof tiff 6.0 jpeg reader that can handle the different tiff 6.0 jpeg compressed files out there and can anticipate future incarnations is simply not possible.