2010.02.11 19:45 "[Tiff] JPEG files created with Adobe Photoshop", by Philip Watkinson

I'm working with JPEG files that were created by Adobe Photoshop. When I decompress the files, the images appear as black. After seaching the internet, I found some information. It appears Adobe Photoshop inverts the values in a CMYK JPEG file.

Some people have tried to use the Adobe APPE marker to correct the problem. This will not work consistently because other applications have unintentionally used the marker too but they are not inverting the data.

Looking at JPEG files in a HEX editor, I do see the text "Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows" near the beginning of the file and a little further down I see "Photoshop 3.0".


  1. Is there any consistent way to identify this problem in a JPEG file or do I need to add a configuration parameter?
  2. Does this problem appear in all version of Photoshop?
  3. Thanks for any help, Philip