2001.11.28 16:24 "where is tiffvers.h ?", by Frederic Delhoume

2001.11.28 17:15 "Re: where is tiffvers.h ?", by Frank Warmerdam


I have updated the 3.5.7 release tar/zip files on ftp.remotesensing.org to have the correct RELEASE-DATE in the file, and include the tiffvers.h file for those who can't easily auto-generate it.

Note that the TIFF_VERSION macro introduced fairly recently in tiffvers.h was being improperly formatted as YYYYDDMM in recent releases but this has been corrected to YYYYMMDD so that it will be monotonically increasing as time passes.

I applogise for the inconvenience.

Also, Mike Welles has helped me get the web site up to date again.

Best regards,

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